Faith Millin Colour Faith Millin Colour


Independent Colourist based in London, UK (available remotely worldwide.)

I believe that the core role of any creative image-maker is to enhance and positively impact the lives of others. In my role as a colourist, I aim to visually translate not only the aesthetic vision of the Director and DOP, but to prioritise the use of colour as a tool to communicate emotion and message within cinematic narrative.

After beginning my career in production for companies including Endemol, Celador and Sony Pictures, I then trained and worked as an assistant to various cinematographers, and later on, as a Digital Imaging Technician. These years of on-set experience created a strong technical base for my later career in post-production.

Since establishing myself as a Colourist, my commercial portfolio is vast featuring projects for the likes of NIKE, adidas, Stella McCartney, Selfridges, Hugo Boss, Mr Porter, CHLOE and Marc Jacobs.

As well as music videos for artists such as Prince and Lady Gaga, my narrative and documentary portfolio includes feature films for Paramount, BBC, BFI and Vice. Most recently, I graded the 2022 multi-award winning feature film ‘Nothing Compares’ about Sinead O’Conner, directed by Kathryn Ferguson and distributed by Paramount and Showtime.

When I am not in the grade suite you can find me chasing after my son on his bike around the backstreets of Tottenham or drinking champagne whilst listening to UK Garage in my garden.